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The Almighty PEN…


The students who write in pen have a tremendously beneficial effect on the understanding of subject and have a better memorizing ability. These effects are subdued in the students who directly type on the keyboards. When writing with hand (i.e. either using a pen or pencil), there is an imprint of the written words and sentences over the brain. These imprints then help in identifying the letters, and this ability of the brain is commonly known as “sensorimotor”.


The researchers during various studies have found that when we make use of hands, they play an effective role in the cognitive development of the brain so as to enhance learning. This type of learning becomes the building block in developing ones language to be able to communicate. The studies have given facts that the hand movements are responsible for visual recognition of letters.


When the children type on the keyboard, they are simply touching the keys on the board and this does not have any noticeable impact on the brain regarding shape and size of letters, like it happens in the case of writing.


A surprisingly evident fact about writing is that when letters or words are written on a paper, it automatically helps enhancing the speech of the person. The ability to write well, aids in developing better reading abilities and effective pronunciation of words.


Of course writing in pen takes lesser time than typing on the keyboard. But, the temporal lobe of the brain, which is associated with proficient learning of the language, is not developed thoroughly while typing on keyboard.


Therefore, handwriting cannot be ignored as the ones who write well also types meaningfully. For any assistance on handwriting and the benefits of writing in hand, contact Write Right. Here you will be provided handwriting tips that will help you learn penmanship and impart useful skills that will give you an edge over others.


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Handwriting enhances a child’s focus

Keeping a child engaged into study or an educational activity for too long is quite difficult. Some students, especially those who take time in learning have a hard time in remaining focused for longer time. Even in their effort of trying to stay focused, they easily get distracted from the surrounding activities that catch their attention.


The effect…


As a result of children being distracted and losing their focus, their performance in the classroom is hampered. When a child is unable to perform, its confidence and morale gets affected which makes them reluctant in facing the competitions.


The Solution…


Handwriting is that art, which is believed to develop synchronization between the movement of hand and the brain. The brain consciously instructs the hand to write. Hence, handwriting is also known as Brain writing.


Enhanced handwriting skills involves cognizant involvement of brain and results into increased focus on the subject. It is a proven fact that things when written are remembered effectively for a longer time. Therefore, one should not be negligent towards handwriting and should take measures to have augmented handwriting skills.


To get acquainted with how handwriting will allow your child to enhance its focus and ultimately let it score higher grades, contact Write Right. Here you’ll get all handwritingtips on all aspects of penmanship and evolving into a diligent personality.

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Good Pencil Grip drives Good Handwriting

 Everyone wishes to have a good handwriting. There are a number of reasons that contribute to good handwriting, one being the “pencil grip”. It is extremely important to hold the pencil (or pen) correctly for getting a good handwriting.


A good grip is a habit that should necessarily be implemented right from an early age. A good grip is the one that holds the pencil (or pen) in between the thumb and index finger with right amount of pressure, the middle finger supporting the pencil from back, and the remaining two fingers (ring and little fingers) closing towards the palm.



If you are able to get this grip, you will have a higher chance of having a good handwriting. There are some adverse effects of having a wrong pencil grip. Listed under are a few to be discussed:


1.      Wrong grip results in fatigue while writing for a longer time at a stretch. It may also sometimes result in causing pain and cramping.

2.      Wrong grip affects the formation of letters by distorting their identity in terms of shape, size, spacing etc.

3.      Grasping the pencil in an inappropriate manner makes the person write either too hard or too soft on the paper. This makes the handwriting illegible to be read.


To know more about good handwriting, contact Write Right, an institute of handwriting technology. Here, you will get all necessary handwriting tips to learn penmanship.


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5 Reasons- Why to Improve Handwriting?

In this modern age, the handwriting has been losing its significance due to increased use of technology products like computers, laptops, tablets and cellular phones etc. None of us might be an exception. It happens, when we realize that it has been a couple of days since we last picked up a pen to “write”.


Nevertheless, we shall discuss 5 reasons why handwriting improvement becomes vital even in this century.


1.      For school going kids, handwriting is developed as a habit. Why do you think small children are first taught how to write? It is because, as they grow and step into the major course of study, they should understand the language thoroughly.


Also, the school assignments still have to be submitted in written. These assignments carry some weight to be contributed in the academic scores. Good handwritten assignments always score higher.


2.      Handwriting carries a personal touch. Handwritten documents create a sense of attachment and belongingness for the reader. Even in this modern world, communication is done through posts, letters, inlands etc.


3.      Handwriting is a typical exercise for a brain as it develops a mind and motor coordination as the person writes with a pen and paper. This activity helps in developing a strong memory and minimizes chances of dementia.


4.      Most of the job profiles demand good writing skills. To be able to fit to the company’s requirements, it becomes imperative to have good handwriting skills. Writing is a means of communication, and is becomes a deciding factor for candidates to get hired.


5.      Above all, handwriting is a best tool for self-expression. Why do people write diaries, make notes or communicate through letters? Probably because this form of communication helps you express yourself better and touch human emotions.


At Write Right, you will be guided through all the handwriting tips from experts. In addition to handwriting improvement, the institute also specializes in providing speed writing and calligraphy courses to students, individuals and professionals.


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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Graphology: The Science of Handwriting

Graphology or Handwriting analysis is the study of one’s personality traits from what he/she writes on a piece of paper. It is the knack of reading the subconscious of an individual to know the behavior traits, attitude and even the secrets that is unknown to self.


Handwriting analysis has been gaining popularity in different fields like education, corporate, among unemployed youths, marital relationships etc. It helps in knowing the personality of individuals and helps in understanding him/her beyond what is being presented in reality.


Use of Graphology in selecting a Personnel


Graphology is widely being used for hiring of employees by many companies these days. Though it should not be the only criteria for selecting a candidate, but it definitely helps the corporate professionals in judging the individual on the grounds of honesty, communication, creativity, emotional stability etc.


Advantages of Graphology while hiring a candidate


1.      No probability of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion etc.

2.      What is being written cannot be manipulated like it happens while speaking.

3.      Time saving as it reduces efforts in collecting information about the background, personality etc.


Write Right’s team of graphologists, having 16+ years of experience in working on Graphology provide specialized handwriting analysis reports to individuals, corporate, students and others. The reports suggest graphotherapy or advices on handwriting improvement so that one’s handwriting places a positive impact on those who analyzes their handwriting.

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Brilliant Children having Illegible Handwriting

Is your child loosing marks because of the illegibility in its handwriting?


If yes, you are not the only parent who is concerned for this issue. Statistically, every third school going child has a problem in its handwriting. It is even proved that only the top 10 students of a class have good handwriting skills while others need expert advices.


Due to the illegibility in handwriting, children in spite of knowing the subject well are not able to score good marks because of the difficulty for teacher to understand their handwriting. Well written answer sheets with adequate legibility, undeniably has an added advantage in exams than those written illegibly.


For example:


In an exam, a child was supposed to score 8 marks on 10 in a question, but he could score only 6 on 10 as the teacher could not understand what had been written on the answer sheet. Similarly, for 5 questions, he lost 10 marks. This was the same case in other subjects too. In total, the student lost 60 marks in 6 subjects just because of his illegible handwriting.


This is not merely the case in students who are weak in studies, but is observed in brilliant students too. But, being a parent you must not sit idle, and you must take necessary action to help your child improve its writing skills. Yes! Handwriting repair is what your child needs.


Write Right, a handwriting institute, has been working on handwriting since 16 years. It is a place where your child can get proper guidance and handwriting tips. It also trains them the art of penmanship in children which helps them improve their handwriting. Take a decision now!

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Calligraphy- Beauty beyond Writing

Calligraphy is the word that has been derived from Greek words “kallos” and “graphos” which means the art of “beautiful handwriting”. This form of writing in hand has a strong attraction in itself as it is a form of visual art. Calligraphy is well known for its gracefulness and elegance.


We see this form of art being preserved in most of the historic documents. It was performed using broad bases like brushes etc. There have been modifications made in use of calligraphic instruments like the nibs and pens of different bases. These pens or brushes are used for different purposes giving a smooth or rough look as per the requirement.


Everybody wishes to learn the art of ‘penmanship’. It not only helps in handwriting improvement but also provides various other advantages.


·         It makes the handwriting legible and more readable

·         It increases the concentration by consciously involving your mind

·         It develops artistic skills which enhances the creativity

·         It increases patience and refreshes the mood


Write Right, through its team of experts excel in providing calligraphy training. This program is designed in two levels (basic and advanced) which also focus on providing handwriting tips for better legibility.


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